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About La Malbec

About La Malbec Bar & Restaurant Bloomsburg, PA

La Malbec offers a unique fine dining experience specializing in fine dining, inspired by Spanish and French cuisine. Featuring tapas, seafood and fine steaks. Including crafted cocktails and a selective wine list menu. Sunday Brunch, mimosa flights, Bloody Mary’s and fresh made crepes.

We have chicken empanadas, amazing lamb and of course our main dish is the filet mignon and the Tomahawk pork chop. We specialize in our homemade pasta which is one of the things customers just love to come back to and that is our seafood linguini.

I decided to name the restaurant La Malbec because La Malbec is an understated grape and an understated wine so a lot of people that are wine lovers they automatically will identify with La Malbec being a wine kind of bar. So our bar has an amazing comprehensive wine selection one of the most amazing things about our bar is that we have house made syrups infused drinks and crafted cocktails.

We want everyone to come here and feel like you’re having an experience. We want you to feel that you’re not leaving the area so much but as being a different place.

We also want people to be able to have cocktails and have no distractions. There’s not going to be a TV in this bar. We just want you to go back to the basic which are a good conversation over a very exquisite meal.

La Malbec kind of resembles the same history that it used to be in the past when it was known as a hotel Magee. They used to have a beautiful high-end restaurant with high quality food where everyone from Northeastern Pennsylvania used to travel to go to. So it wasn’t just for the local people it was for everyone that wanted to experience really, good quality food.

La Malbec bar and restaurant is conveniently located on 18 west main street Bloomsburg, right across the Columbia county courthouse. We look forward to serving you.

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