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Owner and Visionary, Roxana Zoppetti

“My vision was to create a unique dining experience, not just another restaurant.”

Instilled with a passion for cooking, Roxana Zoppetti established La Malbec as a way to serve those seeking a unique, upscale dining experience. Born in Guayaquil, Ecuador, Roxana was inspired by her culture of gathering, dining, drinking, and conversing with loved ones.

At the age of 17, Roxana left home to pursue her education focusing on the study of Management and earning a Bachelor’s degree at Bloomsburg University, as well as her Master’s degree from Marywood University. She then decided to follow her passion for bringing people together by opening her restaurant. As the owner of La Malbec, Roxana enjoys combining her love of hosting and cooking with offering her guests a tasting of the Spanish and French cuisines within a city like, stylish and non-pretentious ambiance.

Lead Bartender, Chad Paulin

“I don’t just serve drinks, I serve people.”

By serving and creating a wide range of customized and seasonal cocktails, Chad Paulin brings a modern outlook on bartending to the Bloomsburg area. Having been referred to as a “social chemist”, Chad enjoys providing a crowd-pleasing bar experience through a wide selection of offerings, garnished and infused with the freshest ingredients. Whether your taste is for a fruity, floral, or herbaceous cocktail, fine wine, or a signature or draft selection, Chad’s passion for bartending and providing upscale bar service makes La Malbec the perfect destination for your next dining experience.

Chef, Andres Muñoz

Influenced by his upbringing in Guayaquil, Ecuador and time spent working in New York City and Miami, Florida, Head Chef Andres is a true asset to all dining experiences at La Malbec. Upon moving to New York to study film at age 21, Andres found a true passion for the upscale dining scene. Through hands-on experiences, Andres rose through the ranks of the restaurant industry, serving as a sous chef during his time at the American Culinary Institute, which led him to later serve as an executive chef for private chartered flights in West Palm Beach, Miami.

In 2020, Andres was asked to join the team at La Malbec, where he takes pride in creating the many Mediterranean and French fusion cuisines that have captivated restaurant guests. It is Andres’ mission to provide those dining at La Malbec with new takes on comforting classics, made with the freshest high-quality ingredients that leave guests with not simply a meal, but a memorable upscale dining experience.